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About Word Counter

For a marketer who tries to beat a deadline for a newsletter or essay, beating the word count in pages required by your boss or professor can be really hard. Every noe and then you may be asking yourself, ‘How many words is it already?’ If the typing medium you are using does not contain a built in essay word count tool and a page counter then you will surely have a hard time determining the character count in a paragraph. What more if you are writing a synopsis of a book or simply sales page for a particular site. It is really tiring to constantly check how many words have you typed every now and then. It can be that you need to fill your composition to reach the required number or trim it down on the other hand. How much more if you are required to count how many characters in words are there per text.

You know for a fact that not all typing and writing tasks have to be done on Microsoft Word and often, these other typing tools do not offer a word counter as well as a character counter tool at the same time. You get to experience these things especially when using a Mac. You would then think of how to count words in wordpad for example. But you may not only be faced with that kind of dilemma. What about if you are typing directly on a particular site as when you compose your blog or article? It is a big advantage of course if you are having one like a word counter on google docs.

When writing blogs and contents for purposes of optimization in search engines, you need to take note of the keyword density. You cannot just write anything under the sun and come up with a monotonous write-up. You need to keep it interesting too to maintain your audience. As you are bound to adhere to most of the sites’ word count limits, are you willing to go through the pain of counting every word in your article? No matter how patient and hardworking you are, you could never deny the fact that such task will involve a keen eye and not to mention, it is time consuming. You do not want to repeat the process once you lose track of your counting, do you? Hence a word counter tool would be a very useful aid in all your writing tasks to know how many words typed including the character count. But such counter should not exist merely to count words as text. It should work like the twitter character counter tool, which includes a character counter with spaces so that you no longer have to count everything one by one. Once you place your text on the letter counter tool, results are then generated fast in seconds.     

How Does The Word Counter Tool Work

The best thing about using a word and character limit counter is that you do more than just a word count in word plus you get to beat any character limit imposed. What’s more with this word counter tool is that it includes grammar check so you get corrected for grammar blunders right away.

As said, this online character count tool works like a character counter for twitter. There are a lot of sites that impose a limit as to the number of words per post and there is no choice on your part as a writer but to adhere to such word count level requirement to get your article accepted and posted. Having a word counter on wordpad or that on Microsoft online is not enough. A working word and character counter is best for you and will make things easy for you to beat every word limit set. 

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