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About Keyword Density Checker

Each time you check on search engines, what you see are sites that are being ranked. So you have those that are on the top pages. But what is not shown here are the thousands of pages that were filtered. Well, every webmaster wants to have their respective sites land on top of search engines. But how do you make that possible? There are a lot of ways though but on top of that is not just having the best keywords for websites by using the best keyword search tool but most of all, having the best keyword density for your page.  

What is The Keyword Density

Before dwelling on how to find density, you should understand what keyword density means. This refers to the number of times by which a keyword or key phrase should appear on the page versus the sum of words contained therein. In the seo realm, optimal keyword density determines as to whether or not a page is relevant to a specific keyword or key phrase. Using this keyword density calculator formula, you will know your page’s density. For a 500-word article for example having a 50-word keyword for seo purposes, the density is 10%. But this does not look good as you are already over-optimizing your site. Over-optimizing even if you find best keywords does not guarantee your page to land on the top of search engines. Be careful instead of your keyword density google might penalize you for keyword stuffing and flag your site as spam. Ideally, a keyword density analysis should yield 2 - 4%. 

How Can You Determine Keyword Density

As to how to find keywords and what to use, utilizing a keyword research tool is recommended. But as to how to determine the density, a good article keyword density tool is what you need especially if you will be dealing with key phrases as the length of each is considered when computing the density. Stop for looking for the best keyword tool software as you need not look further.

How to Use The Keyword Density Tool

To use keyword density check tool, all you have to do is to enter (either type or copy (Ctrl+C and paste (Ctrl+V) the URL of the page you want to check on the box provided for and then click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will then see the detailed results in an instant. It will give you the page’s content details – total keywords used followed by the specific keywords, with their corresponding count and percentage in descending order. You will be able to see the linked and non-linked words, including the stop words that are being used in the non-linked text. The keyword density report shows two tables – all featuring keyword density usage.  Should you want to know how to find keywords on a website especially your competitors, click on the ‘Try New URL’ button to check their keyword density or research keywords.

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